The Rebellion

Why a Rebellion?



American government no longer works for the American people. Citizens of all stripes agree that Washington is incapable of addressing our nation’s most pressing problems because special interest money has infected the political process. On the economy climate change, taxes, healthcare, education, poverty, the deficit and more, ordinary people are paying the price for systemic corruption and declining democracy in Washington. Congress has been captured by special interests.

Corruption is written into the way we fund campaigns. Five years after Citizens United, private interests on both the Left and Right have invested billions of dollars to shape the national debate and influence who gets elected. Politicians spend the bulk of their time raising money from a wealthy few rather than completing the job for which they were elected. Meanwhile, the majority of Americans are effectively excluded from lobbying and political participation for lack of funds, and tens of millions more working poor people face outright disenfranchisement at the polls.


The NH Rebellion 


The New Hampshire Rebellion (#NHRebellion) is a cross-partisan movement of citizens who are Walking the Talk to get big money out of politics — 30,000 miles and counting. We are motivated by one undeniable fact: American government no longer works for the American people because of the corrupting influence of special interest money in elections. Fully 96 percent of citizens agree that money has too much influence in politics, yet 91 percent have little hope that it will change. Our job in 2016 is to restore their hope and harness their energy to make reforming our democratic process possible, starting in New Hampshire.

Inspired by the Declaration of Independence and Article 10 of the NH Constitution, NH Rebellion is mobilizing the public and presidential candidates to declare their independence from big money in politics by denouncing outside spending and committing to fundamental reforms. Our seven-member team and 15,000 grassroots activists are building the base for reform through mass-participation walks, candidate questioning, online organizing, and public presentations in town halls, churches, colleges, libraries, Rotary clubs, and homes throughout the state. NH Rebellion is part of Open Democracy and Open Democracy Action, the NH nonpartisan nonprofit founded by legendary reformer Doris “Granny D” Haddock. To meet the entire Open Democracy team, click here.


To read more about our Plan to fight big money politics during the 2016 elections, click here.