Stamp Money Out of Politics

We launched the NH Rebellion to declare independence from big money in politics that is corrupting our government. Our walks across New Hampshire grab headlines, but it's the daily acts of citizens that will really build this movement into an irresistible force for change. 

Help us continue the Rebellion by stamping our nation’s currency with our very own custom stamp, courtesy of Stamp Stampede. As long as the Supreme Court says that money is speech, we’re going to make our money talk by legally stamping anti-corruption messages on our nation’s currency!

Get your NHR Money Stamp today!

Each stamped bill is seen by nearly 1,000 people. If you stamp five bills a day for a year, your message to get money out of politics will reach 1 MILLION people. That’s why they call it a petition on steroids. We need you to grab a stamp and adorn your dollars with our message that money is “Not to be used for bribing politicians.” And since our website is also on the stamp, they'll know where to go to learn more about the NH Rebellion and join us to stamp corruption out of politics.

About Stamp Stampede 

Stamp Stampede was founded by Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream) and their aim is simple: reach as many people as possible by stamping anti-corruption messages on something that exchanges hands every day: cash. And it's working. Already 15,000+ people across the country have joined the movement to stamp money out of politics. Soon, with your help, we'll have so many decorated dollars circulating in the country that everyone will know about the most pressing issue of our time.