July 5th Walk Video

Many thanks to Dick Pollock, one of our great supporters and a board member of the Coalition for Open Democracy for putting together this great video from our walk on Saturday, July 5th.


July 5th Supporter Video

Many thanks to one of our many great supporters Bil Lewis for creating this video of our Seacoast walk on Saturday, July 5th 2014.


January 2014 Recap

As we look forward to our upcoming summer plans and continue our ramp up into 2016, we thought we would take a moment to look back at our time together in January. Our walk in January from Dixville Notch to Nashua marked the start of the New Hampshire Rebellion, a movement dedicated to making systemic corruption in Washington the central issue during the 2016 presidential primary.

Enjoy this new video and please share. Many thanks for your continued help and support and we look forward to seeing you this summer.


NH Rebellion at TED

In case you missed it, Prof. Lessig's second TED talk on campaign finance reform features a review of the New Hampshire Rebellion and a few other initiatives he's working with.  Check it out: 


New Video: Two Weeks in January

Please enjoy our latest video, entitled "Two Weeks in January."  And please share it with your friends, family, and co-workers to let them know that we can indeed make a difference and make corruption the first and foremost issue of the 2016 New Hampshire Primary. 


Working on the Hackathon

We're hard at work at the hackathon in San Francisco, and we've already come a long way towards developing the tools to empower individuals and groups to work to fight the First Issue of systemic corruption.  

One tool we've placed high priority on developing is a way for New Hampshirites to be notified about campaign events, organize someone to ask the question: "What will you do to solve the system of corruption in Washington?" videotape that question - and the candidate's answer - and then publish the video online.  It's a big task, but an achievable one, and we've got some incredibly smart people working on it. 

We're also working on some other projects, ranging from the mundane to the insane, and we'll have more information, including video from the event soon.  In the meantime, we've got some pictures from the Hackathon below. 

Prof. Lessig address the Hackathon via Skype 



Teams working on the application we've code-named "Questionr"


Gabriel Grant at the whiteboard during the Questionr planning session. 


@Lessig on Days 10-12

From Lessig.tumblr.com:

As the week turned to events and presentations, this journal (and sleep) were pushed to the side. 

Monday was a short and overflowing walk from Canterbury to Concord, ending up on the steps of the Capitol, singing the song Colin Mutchler wrote for us (and which I am still wishing someone would remix).

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Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


[Video] Week One Retrospective

The New Hampshire Rebellion's First Week has successfully completed, and we put together this short retrospective. If you're in#NewHampshire, come join the #NHRebellion on our walk across the Granite State to make reforming the systemic corruption in Washington the First Issue of the 2016 elections.


@Lessig on Day 8

So here begins the fear of the weather. 

Today began in Center Harbor, which I know well as we’ve spent a bunch of summers near there. We had an overflow of day walkers, beginning with about 50 walkers, including an 11 year old and his Dad,  midway through, a favorite student from 20 years ago, who now writes for the Times, and the famous Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s (and his dog). 

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