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Time to Transform

I woke up this cold, NH January morning thinking about butterflies and the way a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.  I was thinking how the monied interests that are influencing and corrupting our society are like the caterpillars.  It’s our job to transform them.

We see how money in politics, from the opiod crisis to the environment, affects how policy decisions are made.  We see how the money barrier prevents good people from running for office.  We see the time that our politicians spend raising money that takes away from their time governing.

It’s time that we work to transform our campaign finance system so that everyone has an equal voice not just those that have money to influence a campaign.  It’s time that we put voters in control not big money donors who influence governmental policies to enrich the monied class and not the whole spectrum of our society.

It’s time to donate $20.20 monthly to the NH Rebellion so that we can make the transformation happen before the next presidential election in 2020.

We must organize, educate and advocate.  Today, Inauguration Day, is a great day to think about the unique opportunities that we have to transform our communities.

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