Voices for Reform

As a member of the NH Rebellion, you understand how money is corrupting our government and how we need to band together to solve this problem... but perhaps those around you do not see it, yet! Talking with your community reminds everyone that this is a shared problem that needs cooperative and creative solutions and invites them to invest themselves in the process of change. By volunteering to promote the work of the NH Rebellion you help build the movement. Thank you!

1. Host a House Party: Want to host a party for a cause? Invite your friends and colleagues over for a fun, informal discussion about the corrupting influence of money on the political process and what we can do to stop it. We can assist with recruiting attendees, planning the program, providing materials or speakers, and publicity. Just contact [email protected] to learn more.

2. Schedule a Presentation: If you belong to a club, church, or any other community group, will you set-up a free presentation about the NH Rebellion? Having a local community member set-up a presentation is an important and valuable contribution. School presentations (including documentaries and plays) about our inspiration, Doris “Granny D” Haddock, are also offered for free to schools and community organizations. To see the various offerings, click the Resources link below or contact [email protected] to set up a presentation.

3. Volunteer to Speak: We need hundreds of citizen Voices for Reform carrying the message far and wide. Are you comfortable talking in front of groups? Want to spread the word about the NH Rebellion and recruit more supporters Great! Check out the Resources below and contact [email protected] to learn more.

4. Write a Letter to the Editor: Writing to your local newspaper is one of the best way to make your voice heard, and to carry the message to many new potential supporters.  Check out our tips for writing LTEs and op-eds, list of contact info for NH papers, or contact [email protected] for more information.


Speakers Bureau Resources

To download our basic presentation and printable documents or stream a video online, click here.