The Plan

PatriotsDayWalk_5.jpgLike any major foe, big money politics won't be defeated overnight. Nor will the "Washington way" of doing things be enough.

We've made our trips to Capitol Hill to knock on the doors of our Senators and Representatives and politely ask for campaign finance reform, and we've come away empty handed. The big money system works too well for those on the inside.

While good people continue the necessary work of lobbying for change in Washington, it's clear that real change can only start outside the corridors of power. We've decided it's time to take to the streets as patriotic American rebels who demand – demand!the President and Congress make stopping big money politics their priority.

Join us as we… 


  1. Walk the Talk: Since 2014, NH Rebellion has mobilized over 2,000 citizens walking 40,000 miles through sun, sleet, and snow to inject the reform issue into the national agenda. We plan on building on the momentum, planning more walks with thousands of activists and touching hundreds of thousands of citizens through provocative and patriotic demonstrations. We are equipping allies in other states to organize their own walks via our online Walk the Talk platform and toolkit.                                                                                                                                                                                     
  2. Ask the Question: NH Rebellion has recruited hundreds of citizen "Questionr" to demand the presidential candidates support reform. As of spring 2015, trained volunteers have been deployed to Ask the Question at dozens of campaign events, gaining the increased media attention and candidate responsiveness. Through our Questionr app and tracking platform, volunteers receive candidate-specific information and video uploading to win greater publicity and candidate accountability. We supported similar efforts in Iowa, with AFSC.                                                                                                                                                                                   
  3. Voices for Reform: NH Rebellion has recruited over a dozen respected liberal and conservative leaders to speak out for reform across the state since 2014, holding over 50 public education events and countless media interviews, letters, blogs, and op-eds. We are organizing local and national leaders/celebrities to march and speak at schools and universities, libraries and town halls, rotary clubs and churches across NH.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  4. Stamp Money Out: Over 1,000 New Hampshire citizens and 50,000 nationwide have joined NH Rebellion's partner the Stamp Stampede, founded by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's. Each stamped bill is seen by literally hundreds of people, stamping money is truly a "petition on steroids." It's for when your walking legs get tired or your voice gets hoarse and you can pull out your stamp and adorn your dollars for the sake of our democracy!