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  • This supplements an earlier communication. One further thought from a Dixville Notch thru walker:

    4. Bells

    Church bells were the alarm system of Colonial times. The village church bells rang to warn of a fire, attack or whatever threatened the village. We might consider using them as a mechanism for allowing citizens to register a sonic vote on “the question”.


    A. Churches exist in virtually every village and town in NH and every other state. They are “existing political infrastructure” available at little cost. They can be used to roll out a message across state lines as the campaign grows/continues.

    B. The minister who spoke on the steps of the state house in Concord, the recent statements in the NY Times by the the head of the Anglican Church as well as statements by Pope Francis make clear that they all feel the voice of the citizen is like the voice of the member of the congregation/parish and that the social issues are religious as well as political.

    C. If a standard form of communication with a request for a vote of the congregation to ring the bells in support of the question (making clear its non-partisan nature) was sent to every minister/pastor/priest, we might get a very positive response.

    D. If all the organizations pushing the question got behind it we could mobilize it quickly in a broad range of locations.

    E. Lot’s of tactical opportunities. The bell ringing could be pre-publicized or “a surprise”-it could be repeated whenever a candidate is in town and at the primaries-it could be rolling or all at once or both. With some thought it might be a nice tool for citizens to register a “sonic vote” measurable by the media and the man in the street.

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