Special Announcement

It seems like every day brings news of another presidential candidate setting up a Super PACs, raising millions of dollars, and then getting into the race. One leading contender plans to raise $2,500,000,000 – double the previous spending record – while another has decided to effectively outsource his entire campaign to keep on collecting unlimited contributions. Not a pretty picture.

In response, we have an announcement of our own. It may not involve as many zeros but we think it’s worth sharing just the same. For the past few months, our team has been hard at work on a pair of exciting innovations to help us multiply our walks and our candidate questioning during the presidential primary. Now, we're rolling them out to you below and in our first Telephone Town Hall with NHR founder Lawrence Lessig at 4pm!  

1. Walk the Talk Platform

announce_platform.pngDid you know that NH Rebellion supporters hail from 41 states? Or that supporters in more than half of states have either walked with us in New Hampshire or walked in solidarity from afar? Considering the breadth of our movement and the fact that our first two walks of 2015 garnered hundreds of press hits reaching millions of fellow citizens, imagine how much potential there is to grow the movement between now and Election Day 2016? 

That’s where you and our new Walk the Talk Platform and Toolkit come in! The first thing you’ll notice is the slew of upcoming walks already planned in the Granite State over the next few months – including our epic 20+16 mile Independence Day walk on July 4th. We hope you’ll sign up right away and encourage your friends to the do the same!

But that’s not all: we want you to consider organizing a walk (or hike!) of your own this summer or fall, with support and materials from us. It can be as simple as gathering a few friends to make signs and walk with you in a July 4th parade, which we’ll advertise on the site. Whatever you have in mind, please drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help. We can’t build this movement without you. 

2. Questionr.us - Ask the Question


Our brand-new Questionr tool makes it easy to locate presidential candidates, ask them the Question, and track their responses via video upload. By deploying volunteers to every candidate event and crowd-sourcing their solutions (or lack thereof) to systemic corruption, we will elevate the debate and help ensure the next president is committed to reform on day one. It’s grassroots organizing and publicity — with a helping hand from technology. Now all we need is you!

We'd love to hear your feedback, questions, and ideas as we road-test these new tools and work out any remaining kinks – please be in touch!