Lessig on Day 7

Seven days done, and seven days left. 

Day seven took us through the the incredibly beautiful Squam Lake region. My family has spent some summer vacations here, so it felt like coming home. The route was through many back roads, some unpaved. Maybe my favorite walk yet. 

We were joined by many walkers from the area who joined for a couple hours, or stood by the side of the road in support. We have one more difficult day of walking — today — until the pace slows down as we enter the heavily populated area of the state.

Still searching for that 4% (96% of America thinks it “important” to reduce the influence of money in politics; part of the play of this trip has been to “find the 4%”). Someone from Wolf-PAC tells me he may have found one. A state representative, Democrat, told the Wolf-PAC representative she didn’t think corruption and dysfunction are a problem in Congress. Before Colbert sends John Oliver, I’m going to seek her out to find out what she means. 

Today, Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s will join us. Yesterday a team from Represent.US. Still with us, Kai Newkirk from 99Rise. And an incredible troop of through walkers.