Frustrated Yet?

Mailboxes are overflowing with political flyers. Television channels are flooded with negative advertisements. Email inboxes are inundated with requests for money. (And if you don’t donate, something terrible will happen.)

No wonder political engagement is at an all-time low. 

Politicians spend most of their time fundraising from big donors – a fraction of 1% of the population – instead of serving us just so that they can afford all this advertising. And of course, all those donors expect something in return for their financial support. 

This is corruption and it is time we end it. 

For now, please take your frustration out on this corrupt system by continuing to rally and be unified with the New Hampshire Rebellion.

Later this week, we will formally announce plans for our January 2015 NH Rebellion walk where we will demonstrate the massive — and growing — nonpartisan movement for ending this political corruption. We are going to send a message to politicians that it is time to take action.

When we are successful at knocking down the corruption responsible for America’s political dysfunction, a new system of cooperation and results will emerge from the rubble.

The outpouring of support we have received from across the political spectrum has been tremendous. For this, we thank you.

Only one more day of this painful political cycle remains. Just remember, there is something we can do about it — together. 

More to come later this week!