Independence and Ice Cream

After the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, prints were made, couriers dispatched, and the Declaration read in towns throughout the colonies, including Portsmouth.  Although the first ice cream ad would not appear for another year, we have it on good authority that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson partook in this fine delicacy even as they fought to secure our nation's independence. 

Needless to say, this Saturday July 4th we will help our selves to both!

Please join our Rally for Independence at 4:30pm in Portsmouth's Prescott Park for a bipartisan reading of the Declaration of Independence, an appearance by some of our founding fathers and mothers, remarks by Lawrence Lessig, and, of course, free Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

The Rally will celebrate the latest NH Rebellion "Walk for Independence" from big money politics, with two groups of rebels setting out on Saturday morning from Rochester and Hampton, NH, and arriving together in Portsmouth for a free BBQ and Rally. There's still time to sign up for the walks - just click here!