Lessig: "Only NH can save us..."

Earlier this fall Lawrence Lessig came up to Manchester to speak to a crowd of New Hampshire citizens about an age-old topic: corruption in politics. Many people in the room have worked hard to address this issue over the years. David Walker, a former Comptroller General of the United States, was also on hand to talk about the dysfunction in Washington, the damage caused by political polarization and why campaign finance reform is so crucial to every other issue New Hampshirites care about. Indeed, Lessig spoke in the past about how "this corruption" of our government is the "first problem," that no matter the many other vital issues we are focused on solving, none will be solved until we fix this first problem, first. 

More importantly, Lessig made the argument for why New Hampshire is uniquely equipped to lead the way on combatting a corrupted political system in Washington. "This is not an exaggeration...only New Hampshire can save us!"

Check out the video below: