Mobilize "We the People" Pledges via email & Facebook

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others." -- Plato 

Late last week you received an email from Dan Weeks about our new "We the People" pledge to Fight Big Money  Along with thousands of others, your signature will be delivered to all the presidential campaigns in person to demonstrate the commitment of NH voters to reform.   

Your help in getting others to sign the pledge is critical to our success. 


  1. SIGN the "We the People" pledge -- If you haven't pledged, do so as soon as possible!
  2. SEND emails to your friends  --  After you sign the We the People pledge to Fight Big Money, you'll receive an email containing links to the pledge.   Please forward this to your friends along with a note as to why its important that they stand against Big Money corruption in our government.   If you've already signed, THANK YOU!  Find that confirmation email and resend to your town committee colleagues or other groups to which you belong.
  3. SHARE a Link to Facebook --  If you are a Facebook user, please post this link,  in your Status on Facebook. After you paste, our "We the People" pledge graphic will pop up.   Write a note as to why your friends should rebel against our legislators being bought by billionaires and special interests.   Once it is shared on your page, you may also SHARE this on pages to which you belong:   Town political committees, activist sites, candidate sites, etc.

Remember that this Thursday, Nov. 5th, 11:30 AM is our "We the People" press conference and rally at Manchester City Hall.   We hope to have the new version of our signs available, along with our new million dollar bill handout.   The weather is supposed to be great, so RSVP now!

We're counting on you to help us Fight Big Money politics!

-- Brian Beihl and the NH Rebellion Team

PS:   If your municipality has a vote on Tuesday, don't forget to VOTE!