Our Next Act

Ours is no ordinary drama.

Act 1 [complete]: Walk 12,081 miles through the New Hampshire snow to show the nation that We the People are fed up with big money corrupting our politics, and we won’t stand by. Thanks to your incredible sacrifice, our January walk was the biggest and boldest demonstration of citizen support for reform in memory, giving hope to many and winning headlines around the nation. Check out this CNN story and read our Report to the Movement to see how far we’ve come. 

Act 2 [underway]Ask the Question of every presidential candidate until they commit to real reform of money in politics. Sign our petition today demanding the candidates answer our Question, What specific reforms will you advance to end the corrupting influence of money in politics? While you're there, join a local team to question the candidates directly when they visit NH and other primary states – and be sure to request a free bumper sticker! 


 Act 3 [underway]: Stamp money out of politics – literally! We’re teaming up with our friends Ben Cohen and the Stamp Stempede to turn thousands of dollar bills into mini-billboards for reform using NHR’s custom stamp: “Not to be used for bribing politicians”. Will you take a moment to sign the Stampede petition and grow the list of stampers nationwide?

Act 4 [coming soon]: Keep walking, keep talking! In the coming months, we'll pick up the pace with walks throughout New Hampshire and beyond marking Patriot's Day, Independence Day, and more. Our speakers bureau, Voices for Reform, will continue carrying the message of reform to schools, churches, libraries, colleges, service clubs and house parties across the state. Look out for the next big walk announcement coming soon…

Together, we’re writing a new story for America. Join us!