Thank you, 27 million steps toward reform


The following blog post was created from a email sent by Lawrence Lessig to all NH Rebellion supporters on January 29th, 2015. 

Updated February 15th, 2015: Please take a look at coverage of the walk on CNN's Hambycast

People called me “crazy” when I first proposed to walk across New Hampshire in the blistering cold of winter over a year ago. But one year and over 300 miles later, the NH Rebellion walks for democracy have been some of the most exciting times of my life — and the first steps to reclaiming our Republic.

On the morning of January 11, 35 citizen rebels joined me in Dixville Notch to start the 2015 NH Rebellion walk. Over the next 10 days, over 500 souls covering 27 million steps braved the icy winds of New Hampshire just to make this point: We want an end to corruption. We want a government that works for US.

Despite the ice and wind, we were greeted warmly everywhere we went. People are hungry for a solution. People know that the way our elections are funded guarantees that only special interests are heard. Motorists honked and waved while driving by. Supporters came out of their homes in their pajamas to cheer us on. Neighbors invited us inside for hot chocolate and soup. With their encouragement, the miles melted away.

ella.jpgAnd on top of Granite Staters’ support, our walkers from all corners of the country (and beyond!) were dedicated and inspiring. But more than anyone, we were all moved by 15-year-old Ella McGrail who spoke at the Rally for Democracy in Concord. Take a few minutes to watch her incredible speech. She has wisdom beyond her years, and that inspired us all.

We have also complied the walk photos on our Flickr site to view or download. Take a look and share what you like.

To each of you who have supported us — whether by walking, volunteering, donating, spreading the word, giving us soup or a place to sleep, or sending us words of encouragement — thank you. This movement is about all of us together. With your help, New Hampshire will lead politicians to answer this fundamental question: What specific reforms will you advance to end the corrupting influence of money in politics?

2015 is going to be a big year. Presidential candidates will be making announcements before we know it. Little do they know what we have in store for them. Send us your ideas, and stay tuned.