Volunteer Driver Instructions

There are two main types of drivers: the AM/PM shuttlers, and full-time support drivers.

  • The AM/PM shuttler job is straightforward - drivers arrive before the beginning of the walk to shuttle people from the parking location to the walk start, and drivers show up after the finale event to drive walkers back to their cars.
  • The strategy and roles of the full-time support drivers are more complex--there should ideally be two “leapfrogger” vehicles, and at least one or two “patrol” vehicles, as described below:

Full-Time Support Vehicles

(All should have Walkie-Talkies--All vehicles turn on Hazards / 4-way flashers)

1st leapfrogger: Travel approx 1/2 mile ahead of walkers. Find a safe place to park (display hazard flashers). Exit vehicle with walkie talkie and stand on walking side of road holding sign visible to on-coming vehicles. Place orange cone / warning sign at edge of right of way so drivers see you. Stay in place until all walkers have passed. Move to a safe position approximately 1/2 mile ahead of vehicle #2

2nd leapfrogger: Stay in place until all walkers have passed. Proceed approximately 1/2 mile ahead of vehicle #1. Follow procedure above. Both vehicles continue this “leap frog” procedure until destination is reached.

Other duties for leapfroggers:

  • Monitor traffic and alert walkers by radio of unusual on-coming traffic heading their way ie…”large tractor trailer coming your way”.
  • Keep your eye out for road hazards, narrow sections (no shoulder), icy conditions and alert team by radio.
  • Look for alternative routes if necessary and advise team.
  • If the walker group is approaching a dangerous intersection, post yourself at the location and assist with crossing.
  • Communicate with police and emergency personnel if approached. Refer to team coordinator if there are issues.

Patrol vehicles:

  • Travel up and down the road (with hazard flashers displayed) past the walkers looking for people in need of assistance.
  • Pick up walkers who need assistance and bring them to the RV (pull over at a safe point in the road – do not stop in the middle of the road!)
  • Watch for walkers entering businesses so that they do not get left behind
  • Bring lagging walkers to the front (or sweeper walker to the immediate end of group)
  • Let tired/cold walkers ride until they can walk again
  • Monitor radio for direction from coordinator, RV driver and walker leaders.
  • May need to run errands (pick up food/supplies), take people for medical attention etc.
  • Take walkers who are only walking for part of the day back to their cars, or pick up walkers from parking who are joining late
  • This position can be a rotating position for people who want to walk - get a tired walker to drive your car for a ways while you walk!
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