Tips for Joining an Existing Event

As a NH Rebellion supporter you are eager to share your enthusiasm with the community and get others involved. By volunteering to represent NH Rebellion you help build the movement - your effort is greatly appreciated, so thank you! One of the easiest and best ways to spread information about the NH Rebellion is by participating in events that already exist. During the summer there are many opportunities, particularly around Independence Day. Whether your town has a full parade, a midway, or a small celebration, having a NH Rebellion presence is a huge contribution. Below is some information to help you join an existing event.

A. Gather Pertinent Information

If your town has a website, check online for information. Sometimes this is incomplete or non- existent. If there is no information available online try calling your town or city hall.

Information you will want to gather:

  • What is the date of Parade or Event?
  • Who is the Event Coordinator?
  • What is the email contact?
  • What is the telephone contact?
  • Is an application required? If so, what is the deadline, and where do you submit it?

If there is an application, be sure to include important information:

The New Hampshire Rebellion is a nonpartisan movement to make the root problem of systemic corruption driven by money in politics the central issue of the 2016 presidential primary.” It does not endorse a specific candidate and is about unifying citizens in civic engagement.

Planning for a group of one dozen community members is a good goal. It is great if more people show up but overestimating the group may cause problems in the application process.

If it requires NH Rebellion contact information please use:
Jeff McLean, NH Rebellion Director, [email protected] (603) 272-6117

Include “” for more information.

Retain a copy of the application for your records

Note: For more informal or open parades, you can often walk the parade route ahead of the parade, handing out pushcards, candy, and mini-flags to the parents and children lined up along the route

Preparing for the event
  • What is the gathering Time and Place?
  • Can you distribute flyers/pushcards/information during the parade?
  • Can you distribute candy or mini-flags during the parade?
  • Have you recruited all your participants? Connect with your network, and if you would like us to connect you with other NHR supporters in your area, please e-mail [email protected].

Make sure to gather necessary materials:

  • Tabling
    • Small table
    • Chairs (if you are tabling for a few hours, these will be a huge relief!)
    • E-mail Signup Sheet
    • Review Information on 2014 and 2015 walks
    • The "Get Involved" Sheet
    • Water! (If you are tabling for a few hours you will absolutely need to hydrate.)
  • Parade
    • Pushcards (please request them from [email protected])
    • Mini HN Rebellion flags (please request them from [email protected])
    • Candy for children, if allowed
    • Banner and/or signs (Please keep it non-partisan)
    • American Flag 
    • Water bottles for participants.
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