Walk Leader Instructions

(All should have Walkie Talkies -  these positions can alternate among the walkers)

Head of Line: Ideally the fastest walker. Sets the pace for the group (be aware that the group must stay reasonably together, this is not a race), communicates with organizer and drivers and conveys messages to group, such as safety hazards (narrow shoulders, large vehicles, ice, mud, etc) or the need to stop (to let stragglers catch up, for group to take a break, for group photo, etc). Encourages people to walk single-file in dangerous areas.  Should carry a  prominent flag or sign.

Sweeper: The last person in the group--a naturally slower walker. Ensures that no one is left behind--does not allow anyone to walk behind them. If people are delayed they will need to get a ride to rejoin group. Communicates with traffic control and the rest of the team by radio, asking the lead to slow the group up if necessary. Monitors the group and alerts the patrol drivers to people in need of assistance. Encourages people to walk single-file in dangerous areas.

Additional Volunteer leaders: Ideally walkers in the middle of the line. Monitor the group and alert the patrol drivers (by hand signal if not enough radios) to people in need of assistance. Make sure people are staying hydrated, have energy, and are not in pain.

Encourage people to walk in single-file in dangerous areas.

First Aid Responder: Volunteer with first aid training. This can be a walker or someone who rides in a support vehicle.

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