Call Key Committee Members to Pass SB 136

Thanks to YOUR ACTION last week, SB 136 was moved forward and faces a vote in the NH House Legislative Administration committee THIS TUESDAY, Oct. 13.   SB 136 is a bi-partisan bill calling on Congress to supporting an amendment to overturn Citizens United and defend free speech rights for people.   

Call Key Committee Members
You can HELP pass this bill by urging an "Ought to Pass" vote.  Please CALL these four key legislators on Monday:

  • Representative Russell Ober - (603) 883-9654
  • Representative Brad Bailey - (603) 638-2118
  • Chairman, Rep. Richard Hinch - (603) 261-6317
  • Vice Chair, Rep. Jack Flanagan - (603) 672-7175

Tell the Representatives in your own words that billionaire and special interest Super PAC spending has drown out the voices of ordinary voters in NH and around America, and that a Constitutional amendment will help return control of government to the people.   A recent Bloomberg poll last week shows that 78% of all Americans and 80% of Republicans support the overturning of Citizens United.

Please politely tell them your name, what NH town you are from, and THANK them for their time and service.  

Join Us for the Vote
Meet outside Room 104 of the Legislative Office Building, 33 N State St, Concord on Tuesday, October 13 at 9:30 a.m. to hold signs and talk to committee members as they enter the meeting.   Street parking is available, as well as a parking garage next to the Concord YMCA.