We Need Your Stamp of Disapproval for Big Money politics!

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others."-- Plato 

It's simple, yet POWERFUL.   Our partners at Stamp Stampede have an easy way for you to help save our democracy:  Stamp your currency!   Almost 57,000 stamps have been sold to around the U.S., and if you don't have one, get one before 2016 primary comes to your state.

1)  Watch Ben & Jerry's Video -  You'll find out that stamping is very much legal, easy, and on one $1.00 bill, reaches over 800 people!

2)  Buy a Stamp - Stamps are normally $12.00 on the site, but our friends at Stamp Stampede are offering NH Rebels a special discount code to take 25% off.  At checkout, add discount code NHR25.  At that price, buy them for holiday gifts!

Stamped_Bill.jpg3)  Stamp Your Money -  Your self-inking stamp will last for thousands of impressions on any denomination of bill.  And you'll feel good about it, AND you'll help Stamp Money out of Politics!    

4)  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat  . . . 

Stamp on!  

Brian Beihl and the NH Rebellion Team