Support a Constitutional Amendment to End Citizens United

We know that not everyone has the stamina – and good knees – to Walk the Talk across New Hampshire.  As we get closer to the NH Primary, we need legions of Armchair Rebels to TAKE ACTION if we are going to end Big Money politics! Each week, we'll ask you to take a different action.  We may ask you to write a letter to the editor, give the campaigns a piece of your mind, or call your representatives and demand action.  We may ask you to collect signatures for our town warrant initiative or tweet up a storm.  Whatever the action, we promise to keep it easy, relevant, and fun.

This week, we're helping our ally Public Citizen mobilize calls to NH House Speaker Shawn Jasper on SB 136, a bi-partisan bill calling on Congress to supporting an amendment to overturn Citizens United and defend free speech rights for people. The bill has already passed the NH Senate unanimously and if the NH House passes the bill, it becomes the 17th state to support an amendment.

We need Speaker Jasper's support for the bill to move forward, and you can help in two ways:

If you are a NH resident, go here to sign the petition to Speaker Jasper.  
When you're done signing, you will be taken to a page urging you to call as well.

CALL THE SPEAKER'S OFFICERebel_Action_of_the_Week.jpg
Let Speaker Jasper know that you, like most of New Hampshire voters, support an amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling.  Details on where to call are here! 
Be polite, introduce yourself and what NH city you're from, say "please" and "thank you" when you leave your message.   NH folks only on this one, please.  NH legislators bristle when getting pressured from out of state callers!

The legislative agenda is being set for 2016 as we speak, so act as soon as possible!


Brian and the NH Rebellion Team

P.S.:   You can also speak with Speaker Jasper face-to-face at an October 13, 7 p.m., public meeting  at Benson's Bakery, 203 Central Street in Hudson.