Walk Logistics

Keeping track of your walkers and volunteers, of what needs to be done and who is going to do it, is no small task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Using the online walk platform, we will assist you in registering your walkers and your volunteers, and make sure you have the complete list of registered walkers and volunteers with contact information. For large walks, we will also assist you in creating both email groups and texting groups for your walkers and for your volunteers, so that you can provide regular up-dates before the walk, and communicate instantly during the walk.

In addition to walkers, you will be recruiting a variety of volunteers: support drivers who stay with your walk and provide assistance, “shuttle” drivers who give rides to and from parking at the beginning and end of the walk, food volunteers who help provide meals at the kick-off or finale, and town leaders who can assist you in organizing in the towns near your route. (For multi-day walks you will also be recruiting host volunteers to provide housing.)

Among your walkers, be sure to ask for volunteers ahead of time to be official photographers/videographers, social media mavens, venue set-up/clean-up crew, and health monitor (ideally someone with sound knowledge of first-aid and a cell phone at the ready). We also recommend scheduling a pre-walk party shortly for your walkers and drivers to review safety and logistics of the walk, make signs together, and choose your favorite chants and songs.

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