Virtual Walkers

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While we focus our efforts on New Hampshire, there are many around the country - indeed, many around the world - who want to show their support by walking in solidarity with us, even though they cannot be in the state of New Hampshire physically. 

If you wish to join us by participating in a simultaneous walk, you can register to walk as a "virtual walker" and we'll count the miles you've walked along with our own, in figuring out the number of "Granny D's" we've walked. (One Granny D is equal to 3,200 miles - the length of Doris Haddock's 1999 trek across the United States for campaign finance reform.) 

Just like walking in New Hampshire, it does not cost anything to be a virtual walker. You do not have to have sponsors (although we would certainly appreciate it if you do!) And feel free to only do the amount of walking you feel comfortable and safe doing. 

If you do become a virtual walker, we would love to know more about where you are and where you're coming from - some pictures would also be great!  In the meantime, feel free to direct any questions you may have about being a virtual walker to [email protected].