Warrant Article Language

We have developed language adapted from NH Rebellion's We the People Pledge to Fight Big Money for use as a warrant article. 

We'd prefer that you use the language as is, but minor changes may be needed to make it acceptable to your town's clerk or election officials.

  • Remember that once you start taking signatures, NO CHANGES may be made on the language
  • Make copies of your petitions!   One copy for YOU, and one copy for US here at Open Democracy. 
  • Please send the copies to Open Democracy, 4 Park St, Suite 301, Concord, NH 03301 
  • The original copies go the the town clerk or election officials.
  • Questions?   Call Olivia at 603-661-8621 for more information.

To download this form in Microsoft Word, please follow this link, and a opportunity to download or view will come up.

To download this form in PDF, please follow this link, then right click to download.                     Download form for Warrant article petition

Warrant Article Language in text:

New Hampshire Resolution to Get Big Money Out of Politics
By petition of 25 or more eligible voters of the town of …………………………………….. to see if the town will urge:
That the next President and Congress fight big money politics and restore government of, by, and for the people by championing the We the People agenda:
1. Ban Super PACs and overturn Citizens United
2. Expose secret donors and require full transparency
3. Ban bribes from big-money lobbyists and government contractors
4. Establish small-donor, citizen-funded elections
5. End gerrymandering and modernize voter registration
6. Close loopholes and and enforce campaign finance laws

That the New Hampshire State Legislature support concrete legislation to enact the We the People agenda.
The record of the vote approving this article shall be transmitted by written notice from the selectmen to the NH congressional delegation and to ………………………………………….’s state legislators, and to the President of the United States informing them of the instructions from their constituents within 30 days of the vote.  

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Remember that ALL signers need to be registered voters for their signature to count.