Year Two, Day 4-5


We climbed 10+ miles up the White Mountains, ending at Pinkham Notch. A stunning, clear day, that tested our equipment more than our strength. For much of the walk, I couldn’t wear glasses — defogger notwithstanding, ice coated the lenses. 

The highlight was the surprise of Andrew Hemingway joining us. Andrew’s a libertarian-Republican. He ran for Governor in the Republican Primary. For a 30-something, he did quite well. And he has been a vocal advocate for reform. 

More importantly, he has practiced a kind of cross-partisan reform. (See, e.g., “Can’t we all just get along and rebel?”) It is the real reason to have optimism here in New Hampshire that so many from both sides have been willing to embrace this issue, openly. Very un-DC.

The great Kai Newkirk of 99Rise joined us last night. We begin for Conway in a couple hours. 


The -24°F (-31°C)doesn't tell the whole story; there is currently a national weather service alert for Carroll, Coos, and Grafton counties, where wind chill may mean as low as -40°F (-40°C) below.   

One of the things we wanted to bring to your attention was the writing of Ella McGrail, a high school sophomore, who publishes a column called "Civic Teen" in the Seacoast Online (an arm of the Portsmouth Herald), and just wanted to point out that her eloquence at such a young age is a special talent. 

More photos from our photostream below, check it out: