Keene Launches!

keeneselfie.jpgFor six days now, the New Hampshire Rebellion Dixville Notch route has been traveling on icy roads and through the cold blowing wind, moving step by step towards Concord.  And today, a new route began in Keene. Tomorrow, we welcome the final two walks, departing from Portsmouth and Nashua, towards Concord.

On January 21st, we will arrive together at the State House from all four corners of New Hampshire. That evening, we will celebrate Granny D, whose extraordinary walk across America at the age of 90 helped inspired this journey.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our NHR Questionr bird dogging application. We’ll be using this when the primary heats up, but a great way to get familiar and comfortable with it is to take videos of each other on the walk, telling your stories and asking questions. You can use Questionr by simply browsing to on your smartphone. (Remember to hold your phone horizontally!) Videos you take with Questionr will automatically be uploaded to the NHR YouTube account.

Important key facts and updates:

  • Earlier today we surpassed 414 registered walkers. Doubling the number of registered walkers we had last year.

  • We now have more than 300 pictures uploaded to our photo album. Please continue to send in your photographs!

  • To our virtual walkers, please continue to report your walked mileage on our virtual walkers page to us and we can add them into our grand total of miles walked at the Concord event on the 21st.

  • Check our blog for news and updates. Or, write a blog post telling your story of life on the walk and send it to our blogger at [email protected].

  • Please continue spreading the word on Twitter using our hashtag #NHR, Facebook and elsewhere. In addition, please continue to use the various print material from your walk organizers to help us continue spreading our message.

Tomorrow will be the first day we will have all four walks coming together towards Concord. This is amazing and we’re so happy you came with us on this journey. Onward!