@Lessig on Days 10-12

From Lessig.tumblr.com:

As the week turned to events and presentations, this journal (and sleep) were pushed to the side. 

Monday was a short and overflowing walk from Canterbury to Concord, ending up on the steps of the Capitol, singing the song Colin Mutchler wrote for us (and which I am still wishing someone would remix).

Tuesday, the anniversary of Citizens United, was a no walk, two presentation day — first at the Rotary Club of Concord, and then at an event at UNH marking four years since the Supreme Court’s best gift to this movement since Nixon.  Cenk Uygur, moderating, John Sarbanes (D-Md.), with the best speech I’ve seen him give, Barbara Lawton, the new CEO of Americans for Campaign Reform, Jim Rubens, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who believes and defends public funding, and Diane Russell, cleanly-elected Maine state representative who stole the show from all of us. 

Yesterday was a long 18 miles from Concord to Manchester. Cenk did the whole walk (insanely). Sarbanes did the morning. And last night Cenk, Buddy Roemer and I spoke at the Institution for Politics at St. Anselms. Donald Trump had spoken there the day before. More came to see us.

The last long day begins in less than an hour. And then tomorrow, the final day — a short 6 miles from Merrimack to Nashua for the Granny D birthday.

If you’re near, come walk the final day. The webpage will have the details of where and how.