Media Coverage

Summer 2017:

Rally and Walk for Clean Elections (July 9, 2017)

Spring 2017:

Summer 2016:

Granny D Memorial Walk (August 13, 2016) and Seacoast Walk for Independence/Rally (July 9, 2016)

          Editorials/Op-Ed/Letters to the Editor: 

Winter 2015/2016

Fall 2015

          We The People Pledge and Rally 

Summer 2015 

          Open Democracy Index and Rally

          Revive Democracy Weekend (July 17-19, 2015)

          Seacoast Walk and Rally for Independence (July 4, 2015) 

          Editorials/Op-Ed/Letters to the Editor: 

         Broadcast/Online Multimedia:

Spring 2015

          Upper Valley Walk (May 23, 2015)  

          Patriot's Day Walk (April 18, 2015) 

         Editorials/Op-Ed/Letters to the Editor:


Previous Media Coverage

  • January 2014 Walk
    Our 185-mile walk from Dixville Notch to Nashua in January 2014 was covered by hundreds of newspapers, magazines, television and radio programs, blogs, and podcasts. This included all major media outlets in New Hampshire, as well as numerous national and even international news sources, reaching an estimated 3.2 million+ readers.
  • July 2014 Seacoast Walk
    Our summer walk across the New Hampshire seacoast in July 2014 was also covered locally, and letters to the editors were written in support of the walk.  
  • January 2015 Walk
    We took four different routes from the far corners of the state to converge on Concord. This too was covered by hundreds of newspapers, magazines, television and radio programs (including CNN), blogs, and podcasts. 

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