Sign the National "Fight Big Money" Pledge ASAP

"For the cause that lacks assistance, The wrong that needs resistance, For the future in the distance, And the good that I can do."   -- George Linnaeus Banks 

The national partners of NH Rebellion developed a pledge similar to our "We the People" Pledge, and we're asking all our Rebels outside New Hampshire to sign it ASAP.  It takes less than a minute to do;  would you please go to and sign it right now?

Please sign the National Fight Big Money pledge!

This simple action takes just a few seconds, and signs on to a letter to Presidential candidates:

"Along with 85% of Americans, I believe that our country’s system for funding political campaigns must be fixed. 

Please lay out a concrete, detailed plan to reduce the influence of billionaires and big money in politics. Your plan should include the core planks of the Fighting Big Money agenda, the best, nonpartisan package of principles and policies for reform."

Once you've signed, there are buttons to share on Facebook and via Email, to help get the word out to your friends and family.

We're making some real progress here in New Hampshire, but it's critical that we not let the candidates off the hook when they leave after the NH Primary.   Hearing voices from all around the country says that Americans are NOT putting up with Big Money corruption ANY MORE!