Vertical Granny D's

Screen_Shot_2015-07-22_at_10.52.05_PM.pngOver the course of her yearlong walk across America, Granny D climbed a total of 62,900 vertical feet.  Inspired by her feat, we're calling on (and helping organize) groups of citizens to take the high ground by climbing mountains around New Hampshire.  We hope to match Granny D's elevation gain many times over, and in the process will raise visibility for this important cause.

Does climbing mountains and saving democracy sound up your alley?  Join an upcoming walk (links below), or email [email protected] if you're interested in planning a hike in your area!


Upcoming Hikes:

No upcoming hikes scheduled at the moment - check back later, or email [email protected] with suggestions!


Previous Hikes:

9/5/2015 - Mt. Prospect: 1,326 total vertical feet

8/19/2015 - Mount Monadnock (mutliple hikes): 4,012 total vertical feet

8/16/2015 - Mount Liberty: 16,250 total vertical feet

7/29/2015 - Temple Mountain: 870 total vertical feet

7/26/2015 - Presidential Traverse: 57,200 total vertical feet 

6/20/2015 - Mt. Moosilauke: 23,000 total vertical feet

6/15/2015 - Mt. Lafeyette: 23,900 total vertical feet

6/14/2015 - Mt. Monadnock: 15,825 total vertical feet 

Total Vertical Feet Climbed: 139,383 ft