Vertical Granny D: Presidential Traverse

After many months of planning, I finally got to go on a Presidential Traverse through the Vertical Granny D program.  For those unfamiliar, the exact definition of a Presidential Traverse is the subject of some argument, but it definitely involves a hike along the ridge of the Presidential mountains in the Whites, bagging anywhere up to 10 summits along the twenty-some miles.  In my opinion, it's best attempted as a (long) dayhike - just keep moving!

My group of seven had a beautiful day for a hike.  We summitted Mt. Madison, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Clay, Mt. Washington, Mt. Monroe, Mt. Eisenhower, and Mt. Pierce, clocking in a total of 126 miles and 54,200 vertical feet.  Even with seven of us hiking for almost 20 hours, we still couldn't quite match Granny D's feat!

Interested in hiking for the cause?  Check out the Vertical Granny D page and see what climbs are happening near you!