Year Two, Day 6


Bad planning on our part — my middle kid’s birthday is in the middle of the NHR walk. So both years I’ve trundled down to Boston after the walk ends, and then race back the next morning. Therefore, no post from yesterday, and late post today, since not only was it an early morning (on the road at 3:30am) but I had to add 2.5 miles to todays 19 mile walk. No sleep, longest distance and something wrong with my achilles tendons — but NOTHING to diminish the incredible fun of today. The local paper covered us on the front page, which meant every 3d car honked with support. One guy ran out of his house — “THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!” Almost as cool as the guy who bought everyone coffee. 

Today I feel like Cenk did last year. This video is incredibly funny: 


ofthepeople.gifNaturally, the biggest thing we're preparing for is the launch of the Keene walk tomorrow, starting at 9:00 AM at Soldier's Monument in the Central Square of Keene, followed by launches of the Portsmouth and Nashua route the day after tomorrow. This will be the first time that the #NHR will have simultaneous walks. This presents logistical challenges but we have some good people on the road to keep things safe. 

We noticed a lot of letters coming in from Maryland to the [email protected] e-mail - and saw that Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD 3) wrote to his supporters and asked them to send us encouragement.  It is an incredibly nice gesture and we thank him for it. (Hashtag #Sarbawesome.)

Sarbanes has pushed hard on the issue of reforming the system of corruption. Indeed, he introduced the Government by the People Act.  But he doesn't just talk the talk - he literally walks the walk - the Congressman was one of our walkers in our January 2014 walk. 

Just a reminder, if you haven't yet registered for the big event in Concord on January 21, you can still do so, and we're looking forward to seeing you there.